An example of AJAX-ZOOM placed inside a container with dynamic / responsive width and height (depends on screen resolution and browser window size). Resize the window to see the adjustments.

Please note that the layout in this example is controlled by javascript (see "adjustHeight" function in the source code). If you have responsive layout which adjusts instantly you do not need such a javascript control.

The vertical gallery to the right can be disabled or replaced with horizontal gallery.

With $.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet() AJAX-ZOOM API you can change the set of loaded images easily: e.g. $.fn.axZm.loadAjaxSet( 'zoomDir=/pic/zoom/estate&example=23' );

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For loading specific images use "zoomData" instead of "zoomDir"; "zoomData" is a CSV string separated with vertical slash ("|")
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